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    Bullfrog Spas are the world's only luxury hot tubs equipped with the patented JetPak Therapy System. JetPaks are modular hot tub jets that can be interchanged at any time now or in the future. JetPaks® delivers incredible power, maximum massage versatility, and they allow you to upgrade your spa's jetting with new JetPaks anytime. Bullfrog Spas are constructed using state of the art manufacturing technology and the most advanced and durable materials available. This ensures that you experience years of worry-free use.

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  • Health benefits of spa ownership

    Hydrotherapy, or warm water therapy in hot tub spas, consists of three main healing ingredients; heat, buoyancy, and massage. Together, they create an experience that is both relaxing and healthy. Hot tub hydrotherapy on a regular basis provides physical health benefits that go much deeper than just relaxation and pleasure. Water is so pure and simple, yet it can do the most amazing things. Whether you are experiencing joint or muscle pain, having trouble sleeping, or are just plain stressed out, spending time in hot tub spas can provide therapeutic benefits for just about everyone.

    Stress, headaches and sleep

    Warm water massage stimulates the body to release endorphins that reduce stress naturally. In addition to stress reduction, a hot tub's hydrotherapy jets also dilate blood vessels to help prevent headaches. Also, when it comes to falling asleep faster and getting a good night's sleep, the National Sleep Foundation clearly stated, "soaking in hot water, such as a hot tub or bath, before retiring to bed can ease the transition into a deeper sleep."

    Muscles and joints

    The Hydrotherapy use of hot tub spas by athletes has skyrocketed. Tennis Magazine said it best: "Your skin and muscles loosen and relax from the increased blood circulation" adding that, if muscles are injured: "A soak in a hot tub or whirlpool increases blood flow to the injured area, bringing nutrients to help repair the damage."


    The Arthritis Foundation concluded that warm water Hydrotherapy in a properly designed spa can help those with arthritis. the foundation collaborated with Thermo Spas to create the perfect Hydrotherapy spa. According to the Arthritis Foundation "Hydrotherapy is one method of using water to help treat arthritis. The soothing warmth and buoyancy of the water makes it a safe, ideal environment for relieving arthritis pain. Using a spa adds another component to the therapy - massage."


  • We now carry the mPluse line from sunlighten™ for more infomation click here
  • In business since 1999, Sunlighten is a company established with one distinct purpose: To perpetuate the shift away from disease treatment and towards disease prevention. Sunlighten was founded as a result of a deeply personal experience with the healing power of infrared therapy. Through extensive market research, we learned exactly what customers wanted in an infrared sauna. This insight became the foundation for the creation of several lines of saunas that are not only beautiful & effective, but extraordinarily comfortable. We continue to advance the industry as we meet the ever-changing needs of our clients with affordable, best-in-class products.

    Dedicated to offering the most effective wellness solutions available, Solocarbon® heating technology is the foundation for our saunas. It is the only heater 95% efficient on the market clinically shown to raise core temperature, lower blood pressure and aid in weight loss.
    We have taken our proprietary heaters to the next level with Solocarbon® Full Spectrum. This unique patented technology provides near, mid and far infrared at optimal wavelengths based on 56 clinical studies. With high power infrared proven 99% effective across all wavelengths and advanced LED technology delivering true near infrared heat, Solocarbon® Full Spectrum can evolve with changing health needs over time.

    Health Benefits:

    Detoxification - Improved Circulation - Relaxation - Skin Purification - Weight Loss - Wound Healing - Pain Relief - Cell Health - Lower Blood Pressure

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